When to use the Blood Alcohol Test

Blood tests indicate if alcohol is being consumed excessively, a test may be required for legal proceedings, or to monitor a person’s alcohol intake. Social drinkers, and even binge drinking episodes should not cause an abnormal test result.

For this reason, a Blood Alcohol test cannot be used in isolation to prove abstinence, a Hair Alcohol test would be required in combination.

The Blood Alcohol test used in combination with the Hair Alcohol test is used for a variety of civil or legal sectors (e.g. Social Services) along with private individuals to determine alcohol intake or evidence of abstinence.

For workplace alcohol testing, we recommend the Breath Alcohol test.

The legal sector and Individuals choose the Blood Alcohol test option as it provides the following benefits:

  • UKAS 17025 Accredited Blood Alcohol test
  • Provides the most accurate longer-term analysis of an individual’s alcohol intake, when used in combination with the Hair Alcohol test
  • Discounted cost when ordered with the Hair Alcohol test
  • An Expert Witness Statement can be provided at an additional cost to provide further understanding of the laboratory test report
  • All administration including the test results process is performed in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001.

There are many benefits in using the Blood test, however there are limitations that must be taken into consideration before deciding if this is the correct test for your circumstances.

  • Requires a blood sample
  • Should not be used in isolation as a court of law may not accept the result due to the short detection window associated with the Blood Alcohol test

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