Urine Point of Care (POC) Drug Test costs and appointments

Instant urine drug test costs

For individual bookings, the instant urine drug test costs are:
  • £130 for a clinic appointment
  • £145 for a mobile collection
If required, non-negative samples will go for laboratory analysis. This may incur an extra charge.
Also, optional alcohol testing is available in conjunction with this test. There is no extra charge for this. In addition, alcohol samples include either breath or saliva, depending on your needs. All Crystal Health breath alcohol testing is undertaken using Home Office approved breathalysers.
For workplace drug testing, instant urine drug test costs are lower than those above. For instance, per person costs can be as low as £30. Please call to request an official quotation.


Appointments are available for both individuals and business.
If you are a private client, please call 0800 988 7107 and our team will talk you through the process. They will answer any technical questions you might have about this service.
If you are a business and considering implementing a random drug testing programme. Then please call to speak to our team who will outline the options available to you. These will include the option of utilising a drug testing clinic for off-site tests. Or, a mobile collection officer attending your location to perform on-site testing.

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