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Drug Testing for Network Rail

Crystal Health Group are proud to announce that we have passed the annual RISQS external audit with flying colours. This allows the company to perform drug and alcohol testing for Network Rail and its sub-contractors.

The audit team was led on the day by Quality Assurance Manager Jemma Major. Jemma was delighted with the result and proud of the team after all the hard work preparing for the audit. “it makes the long days all worthwhile when you pass quite an intense audit like this! Everyone in the team contributed and they should be proud of the positive comments that came out of the audit report.”

Jemma also thinks that having 3 Management control systems in place helps with the preparation for such an audit. “We are continually performing internal audits throughout the year to maintain our ISO certifications in Quality (ISO9001), Information Security (ISO27001) and Environment (ISO14001). This certainly makes it easier going in to the Network Rail audit as all of the policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated”.

The company is now ramping up to providing drug and alcohol testing to Network Rail and their contractors throughout the country. A selection of clinics and key mobile collection officers have received specialised training and been supplied with the necessary Home Office approved breathalysers to perform the sample collection to strict chain of custody protocols.

Director Nichola Lawton believes there will be a sharp increase in the number of drug tests the company performs. “Firstly, I am very proud of the team for gaining this specialised accreditation. As a result, we are expecting a substantial annual increase in the number of urine laboratory drug tests we perform. In addition and to ensure we are ready, we have expanded our administration team to cope with the additional work.”

If you require drug and alcohol testing for Sentinel upload for Network Rail, call Crystal Health Group and a Clinical Advisor will arrange an appointment for you.

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