Drug Testing Chapeltown, Sheffield


Drug Testing Chapeltown, Sheffield


Looking for a Drug Test in Chapeltown, Sheffield?

We have a Drug Testing Clinic that you can make a same day appointment at for Drug testing in Chapeltown, Sheffield. Also, point of care drug tests are available, providing your results immediately at your appointment. In addition, we provide laboratory drug test results back within 2 working days.


Why use Drug Testing Clinics?

Established in 2010, the company is now part of Crystal Health Group. Our network of Drug Testing Clinics cover all major cities in the UK including Chapeltown, Sheffield. Certified to ISO standards, we are compliant with GDPR requirements and registered with the ICO. As a result, we provide confidential Drug test results covered by a compliant GDPR process. Furthermore, we will email all encrypted reports back to you with password protection for your security.

As mentioned, same day appointments are available if you need a Drug test in Chapeltown, Sheffield. Also, we will process your laboratory drug test in our UK based UKAS accredited laboratory. This means if you need a test for legal reasons, laboratory test reports are court admissible. For example, these can be used for family court. Or, as evidence at an Employment Tribunal as part of workplace drug testing.


Drug Testing Clinic in Chapeltown, Sheffield

The Chapeltown, Sheffield Drug Testing Clinic provides a wide range of drug tests. These include our most popular test, the urine laboratory drug test. Also available are hair drug tests that provide a historical timeline of drugs and/or alcohol use. In addition, point of care drug tests provide instant results over shorter timescales. However, this type of test is not legally defensible. Our Clinical Advisors can provide guidance on this.

Alternatively, if you can’t make it to the Chapeltown, Sheffield Drug Testing Clinic, you can buy a Home Drug Testing Kit. Simply call 0800 988 7107 or visit Crystal Health Group to order online.

Booking an appointment for your drug test at our Chapeltown, Sheffield clinic has lots of benefits. These include:

  • Face to face consultation at your drug test appointment.
  • A certified sample collector will take your samples.
  • We will answer any technical questions you have on the day.


What types of Drug Test are available at the clinic?

Urine Laboratory Drug Testing

Ideal for pre-employment drug testing. The urine laboratory drug test is UKAS 17025 accredited and provides a drug detection window of around 3 to 5 days*. In addition, it is used for Network Rail and National Grid drug testing. The urine sample is dispatched to the laboratory. We perform an initial drug screen, of which the results are ready within 2 working days. Also, any required confirmation drug testing can take up to another 3 working days.


Instant Urine Drug Testing

This drug test provides instant screen results at the appointment. However, you cannot use the results for any legal purposes. Any non-negative results from instant urine drug testing must be sent to the laboratory for confirmation testing. Only then will the results be court admissible. The key advantage over laboratory testing is speed of results and it can be more cost effective.


Hair Drug Testing

This is the most popular drug test for use in court and for Social Services. The hair drug test provides a historic timeline of drug use. In addition, it is a UKAS 17025 laboratory accredited test. Also, we can segment certain hair samples to provide a month by month breakdown of drug use. Speak to a Clinical Advisor today to discuss your options by calling 0800 988 7107.


Hair Alcohol Testing

The hair alcohol test is usually performed in conjunction with a blood alcohol test. As with hair drug testing, it provides an historic timeline of alcohol use. The blood test provides further information about alcohol intake. However, please note, blood alcohol testing is only available at selected clinics.


*Average drug detection windows. Times may vary based on several variables.


What is the cost of a Drug Test?

Here are some examples of drug testing prices at the Chapeltown, Sheffield Drug Testing Clinic:

A single appointment for an instant point of care drug test is from £130. The laboratory drug test for 1 individual is just £145. However, discounts are available for workplace drug testing and multiple individuals attending the same appointment. In addition, these prices also include a breath alcohol test at no extra cost.

Hair drug testing starts from only £190. While there are discounts are available for having a hair alcohol or blood alcohol test at the same time.


See our full price list


Where is the Chapeltown, Sheffield Drug Testing Clinic?

Located in Chapeltown, Sheffield, the clinic is conveniently situated by major road, rail, and bus links. For example, the clinic is located on junction 35 of the M1. Also, Chapeltown train station is only a 2 minute walk away. Furthermore, a bus stop is only a minute walk away as well. If travelling by car, Asda car park provides ample parking and is a 2 minute walk from the clinic. The clinic’s location means travel should be easy. Finally, we are always on hand to provide help and advice on directions and parking of needed.


How can I book an appointment at the Chapeltown, Sheffield Drug Testing Clinic?

You can call 0800 988 7107 to book an appointment. Please refer to the opening hours for availability. Also, when you call, you will be speaking a qualified Clinical Advisor. As a result, we can answer any technical questions you might have before you book.


Drug Testing Chapeltown, Sheffield

1A Station Road
Chapeltown, SHEFFIELD S35 2XE
United Kingdom (UK)
Phone: 08009887107
Additional phone number: 01613594187
Email: info@crystal-health.co.uk


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