Private & Legal Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing can be performed for private individuals and families for a variety of different legal reasons, or just for simple peace of mind.

With the exception of Urine Point of Care Drug and Alcohol Testing, all of Crystal Health drug and alcohol tests are legally defensible. The decision you have to make is which one is the most suitable for your own circumstances. Additionally, this decision may not be yours to make. For example, you may have been directed by court as to which drug and alcohol test must be undertaken to provide the most suitable evidence.

Whatever your circumstances or direction by third parties (court, solicitors or social services), our experienced Clinical Advisors will guide you through the testing process and manage your case, from initial booking to test results. The most common reasons for requiring a drug test for private and family matters is as follows:

  • Concerned parents worried about children.
  • Family members concerned about loved ones.
  • Work colleagues concerned about fellow employees.
  • Evidence of abstinence for child contact/custody.
  • Wills and probate disputes.
  • Divorce proceedings.
  • Legal issues such as driving offences.
  • Industrial Tribunal proceedings.

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are many more reasons why a drug and alcohol test might be required for peace of mind or legal purposes.

Crystal Health provide a comprehensive suite of drug and alcohol tests that cater for almost all circumstances.

Most drug and alcohol tests are legally defensible as they are carried out by qualified sample collectors and processed in accredited laboratories.

Using one of our drug testing clinics means that you also have access to optional counselling* services.

This is part of Crystal Health unique after-testing service, which includes full telephone support by your dedicated case manager.

*Only available at selected drug testing clinics.

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