Support and Advice

Family Matters

Crystal Health are a well-established, accredited and trusted DNA and Drug & Alcohol testing company operating throughout the UK and Ireland.
We work with a wide range of individuals, solicitors and organisations and our team of highly trained Clinical Advisors can guide and advise all parties throughout the entire testing process.

Whether testing is required for legal purposes or for personal information only, our dedicated team will guide you, to help choose the ideal test for your circumstances.

Crystal Health can deliver local expert support and advice in all the following circumstances and situations:

  • Concerned parents worried about children.
  • Family members concerned about loved ones.
  • Work colleagues concerned about fellow employees.
  • Proof of abstinence for child contact/custody.
  • Wills and probate disputes.
  • Divorce proceedings.
  • Legal issues such as driving offences.

Crystal Health also have a vast experience of working with Family Law and Employment Law Solicitors; providing expert advice, support and testing services in the following areas:

  • Family Law
  • Employment Law
  • Child Protection
  • Criminal Law and Social Service matters

Our tests are legally accredited as they are carried out by qualified sample collectors and processed in accredited laboratories, which are Ministry of Justice approved. Crystal Health maintain strict protocols (Chain of custody), ensuring that results cannot be disputed for Legal Test purposes.

Case Studies

Crystal Health were contacted by a mother needing help as she was unable to register her child’s birth.
Tragically the father of the child had passed away before they had officially registered the birth and therefore he was unable to sign the paperwork to have his name on the birth certificate.

We investigated all other relatives and were able to conduct a legal grandparent test, using the DNA from the fathers’, father to prove the paternity of the child.
Although this was an extremely sad time for the family, we managed to provide a solution to their problem.

A gentleman had recently been drug tested at work and had screened “positive” for a drug group on an instant urine POC test.
The man was extremely distressed as he was not given the opportunity to send his urine sample to the laboratory for confirmation testing.
Instant tests are renowned for occasionally producing false positive and negative results and should therefore never be used in isolation for disciplinary action.

Luckily this person called us and we were able to advise him to have a hair drug test to confirm his story.
This resulted in him winning his tribunal case, against a large well known UK company.

A gentleman had serious doubts as to whether he was the father of his recently born child.
This was completely understandable, as he had been told years earlier that he would never be able to have children following a serious medical condition.
He ordered a DNA test and was over the moon to discover that he was indeed the biological father.

A father rang Crystal Health as he had been accused of taking drugs, during his divorce proceedings.
He was adamant that he had never taken drugs in his life and that his ex-partner was trying to vilify him in court.
We advised a hair drug test, which would be able to show potential drug use over the last 6 months.
The test was conducted and produced in court to prove his abstinence from drugs over the last half year, thus proving that the accusations were untrue.

A lady contacted Crystal Health after discovering that she potentially had 2 brothers.
She had been investigating her family tree when she learned that during The 2nd World War, she had been separated from her siblings.
The family asked us to conduct a DNA test to confirm this theory and the results were positive.
Amazingly, the siblings were all living in the same town and were until this point completely unaware of each other.