When to use the Urine Point of Care Drug Test

Urine Point of Care Test

The urine point of care test is a cost effective and prompt method of determining recent drug use. Screening results are available within minutes of sample collection.
It is a popular testing method for private individuals and business. Particularly within industry and commercial organisations for random or pre-employment drug testing.
Many organisations choose this option as it provides the following benefits:
  • Instant screen results providing an early sign of drug abuse. For example, when results are time sensitive and required for quick deployment of personnel.
  • Cost effective.
  • Suitable for mass screening of workforce.
  • Quality device providing reliable initial signs of drug abuse.

The pros and cons 

There are many benefits in using the urine point of care test. Yet, there are limitations that you must take into account before deciding if this is the correct test for your circumstances. These include:
  • Accuracy of the test compared to urine laboratory screen and confirmation testing. The laboratory test has more stringent cut-off levels when analysing the samples.
  • False positive and negatives can occur. We recommend lab analysis for all non-negative results from a POC screen. Only the confirmation testing at the laboratory is legally defensible.
  • If there is a large amount of non-negative test results; as a result, the extra cost to confirm the results may outweigh any initial cost benefits.
  • Taking disciplinary action based on POC Test results is not advisable. This test is not legally defensible due to potential false negative or positives. Laboratory confirmation testing must be undertaken before making any disciplinary decisions.
  • For on-site testing at your location or the workplace, the toilets must be secure.
  • The detection period is only short (3-5 days). If you need a longer period of analysis, it may be worth considering hair drug testing.
As you can see, there are many things to consider for this option. But, this is an effective method for certain circumstances. Please speak to our team who will talk you through the pros and cons.

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