When to use the Oral Fluid Drug Test

The Oral Fluid Drug Test has a short detection window. As a result, it is ideal for drug testing in the workplace. Also, it is a good method of sample collection when toilet facilities are not available. As a rule, the detection window for presence of drug in saliva is up to 48 hours on average. Furthermore, the testing method is UKAS 17025 accredited. As a result, it is a recognised for Court and Industrial Tribunal purposes.

We use this test in a variety of situations in the workplace. But it’s main use is for random drug testing. It’s seen as a fairer and less invasive way of testing than using urine samples.

The pros and cons of the Oral Fluid Drug Test

The Oral Fluid Drug Test test option provides the following benefits:

  • UKAS 17025 Accredited drug testing.
  • We don’t require toilet facilities for sample collection, unlike urine testing.
  • Suitable for mass screening of workforce.
  • We observe the entire sample collection process. As a result, it is impossible to cheat.
  • Short detection window which will only include recent use or impairment at work.
  • Less delays during sample collection when compared with urine testing.

There are many benefits in using the Oral Fluid Drug Test. But there are limitations that you must take into consideration. You can then decide if it is the correct testing solution for your needs.

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