Support for implementing Drug Testing in your Workplace

There are many advantages using us to support you with your workplace drug testing.

First, we maintain ISO certification in 3 Management Systems. These are:

  • Quality – ISO 9001.
  • Information Security – ISO 27001.
  • Environment – ISO 14001.

This demonstrates our commitment to best practice within our industry.

Second, we follow European Workplace Drug Testing Guidelines (EWDTS).

Also, we have developed chain of custody procedures to Network Rail standards. As a result, all services are in compliance with this ‘gold standard’ in drug and alcohol testing. Also, we will work with you to improve the drug testing process to ensure:

  • Least disruption to your business operation.
  • Compliance with your policies and procedures.
  • Confidence in the test results.

Additionally, we can also produce an annual report detailing the following:

  • Statistics associated with the testing programme.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Recommendations for improvements based on the report findings.

Workplace Drug Testing Benefits

Whatever the size of your organisation is, we can provide a solution tailored to your exact needs. To help you decide on the level of support you need, the following list of benefits are available:

  • We can test single or many candidates at appointments. Also, this include on-site and off-site drug and alcohol testing options.
  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing specialists will manage your account.
  • As well as Service Level Agreements, one-off testing is available.
  • Complete development and implementation packages available for all types and size of organisations. Including policy and procedural development with full training to Management and employees.
  • *Access to on-line Client Portal is available to track process and download results.
  • *Annual reporting available.
  • Comprehensive suite of workplace drug testing types available to suit your requirements.
  • Medical Review service available for positive drug tests.
  • Medical Assessments available in combination with drug and alcohol tests.
  • UKAS 17025 laboratory facilities. Also, all sample collection and administration processes compliant with ISO Management Systems.

*Extra costs will apply.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on which option is right for your organisation.

Call us on 0800 988 7107 to speak to one of our team. They will guide you through the process and answer any technical questions you have. Or, you can request a commercial drug and alcohol testing quote. One of the team will respond to your enquiry within 1 working day.

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