About us

History of Drug Testing Clinics

Launched in 2010, Drug Testing Clinics are part of Crystal Health Group. They were part of the DNA Clinics set up back in 2005. As a result, the transition to providing drug testing services was an easy one.

The same ethos was behind the decision to start providing the drug testing service. A face to face sample collection service providing advice and support. Coupled with guidance from trained Senior Clinical Advisors. Because of this, our founder believes we offer something different than other providers.



We are proud of our achievements since launching the company. These include:

  • A network of over 50 Clinics around the UK. Appointments are available to have your samples collected by certified personnel.
  • Certified mobile sample collection officers. They can visit your workplace, home or other location to collect your samples.

The drug testing service complies with three ISO standards. This industry sector should have more regulation. We set these standards to show our commitment to quality, information security and the environment.

You can view our certificates to these standards here:

We develop our policies and procedures from experience and current best practice. This includes accreditation to perform drug and alcohol testing for Network Rail.

You can view evidence of our Network Rail audit certificate here:

How we can help you

We provide an extensive range of drug and alcohol testing services. These will help you meet your health and safety obligations. Importantly, all laboratory drug testing results are legally defensible.

This can help you in the following circumstances:

  • Workplace drug testing. Including instant point of care testing, laboratory testing, and breath/saliva alcohol test. Also, all drug testing is undertaken in line with the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS)
  • Drug testing for private individuals. Including hair drug and alcohol testing for court. Or, urine drug testing for pre-employment or proof of abstinence purposes.

Our head office in Manchester coordinates all appointment requirements. You will be speaking to a trained Senior Clinical Advisor. They will answer any technical questions. In particular, they will guide you to the most appropriate test for you. Thereby, providing the answers you need for your own requirements.


Expert advice and support

If you are looking for advice, please call and speak to one of our Advisors. You are under no obligation to use our services. Our main aim is to ensure you receive the best possible advice. As a result, you can make an informed decision about your drug test. You can tap into out years of experience in this field.

Our founder had represented both employees and employers at Industrial Tribunals. So, our team have this knowledge and can call on this experience when advising you. While in business, we also consider our responsibility in the community. Whether this is employing apprentices or supporting a local charity in Manchester.

Finally, you can see the things we get involved with and meet some of the team. It’s always nice to put a face to a name!