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PEth alcohol testing

PEth alcohol testing should be used in combination with a hair alcohol test, as this will provide the most accurate picture of alcohol intake. The PEth alcohol tests is court admissible meaning it is a popular choice for family court and legal matters. In addition, sample collection is by a simple finger prick only and PEth test results are available in just three to five working days.

P Eth alcohol tests

How does PEth alcohol testing work?

Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) is a very specific alcohol biomarker and provides the highest sensitivity for the detection of current regular alcohol consumption.

PEth enables the discrimination of heavy versus moderate or occasional drinkers, and can monitor abstinence within the past month. Also, age, gender, health or previous alcohol issues do not impact on the results.

PEth only forms in the presence of Ethanol, meaning it is a direct marker for alcohol intake. It is eliminated from the body in about 30 days. As a result, the window of detection is often given as one month.

It is generally accepted that it takes the daily consumption of more than 60g of alcohol (equating to either approximately 3 large glasses of wine, 3 pints of beer or a quarter of a bottle of spirits) daily in the month prior to sample collection to increase Peth concentrations above the upper cut-off value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are PEth alcohol results reported?

When used in combination with a hair alcohol test, which covers up to a 6-month period, we can provide the most accurate long-term overview of a person’s alcohol use. The PEth results themselves are reported as follows:

  • Peth 16:0/18:1 <20ng/ml – Abstinence or irregular low alcohol consumption
  • Peth 16:0/18:1 between 20–200ng/ml A moderate level of alcohol consumption
  • Peth 16:0/18:1 >200ng/ml– Excessive alcohol consumption

In addition, the frequency of alcohol consumption can affect the PEth result. For example, ten drinks consumed in one episode will produce a higher PEth result than if 10 drinks were consumed in 5 episodes.

When should the PEth alcohol test be used?

As previously mentioned, we always recommend a combination of PEth alcohol testing with a hair alcohol test. PEth alcohol tests indicate if alcohol is being consumed excessively. As a result, a test may be required for legal proceedings, or to monitor a person’s alcohol intake.

A variety of civil or legal sectors, including Social Services may request this test. In addition, private individuals also use the test to determine alcohol intake or evidence of abstinence.

Also, an Expert Witness Statement can give a further understanding of the test report. You can discuss this with a Clinical Advisor at the time of your booking.

How can I book an appointment for the PEth alcohol test?

The easiest way to book an appointment is by calling 0800 988 7107 and speaking to our team. Or, you can email [email protected]

Whatever method you choose, we will guide you through the process and get you booked in as quickly as possible.

What happens at the appointment for a PEth alcohol test?

We identify each donor at the appointment, using photographic identification. Next, we collect the blood sample using a finger prick method, seal and tamper proof the sample. The entire collection process follows strict chain of custody procedures. For instance, you will need to sign consent to have your blood sample tested. Also, you will witness the sample collector tamper proofing your blood sample.

We perform your PEth alcohol test under strict chain of custody protocols by fully trained and certified collection officers. The test is available at selected Drug Testing Clinics or via the mobile collection service.

Finally, we will issue your test report within three to five working days of receiving your sample. Usually, this is only three working days. Also, PEth alcohol test costs include the results package.

PEth alcohol testing is available at selected UK clinics only. Or, you can request a trained mobile collection officer to attend your location.

What is the cost of the PEth alcohol test?

The price of a PEth alcohol test is £320. When ordered with a hair alcohol test, the price is £670. Also, if needed, we can produce an Expert Witness Statement for an additional £174. This can provide more detailed information about a PEth result.

Prices quoted include VAT.

Local drug testing clinics, and mobile locations throughout the UK

For your convenience, we have a network of drug testing clinics throughout the UK. As a result, we can provide drug and alcohol test appointments for you in your local area. Or we can arrange for a certified sample collection officer to visit your home, workplace, or other location.