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Saliva laboratory drug testing prices

We have an extensive range of saliva laboratory drug tests and prices. As a result, this means that there are many cost-effective options available to you.

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Saliva laboratory Drug Test Costs

The saliva laboratory drug test cost depends on the type of collection and test you choose. For example, the following factors determine the saliva laboratory drug test price:

  • Whether you book an appointment at a clinic or opt for the mobile collection service.
  • The number of individuals to be tested.
  • The number of drug groups to be tested.

Below, we have provided some examples of what a saliva laboratory drug test could cost based on your choices.

Please note, all prices for saliva laboratory drug tests are inclusive of VAT.

Saliva laboratory Drug Test Price Options

Saliva laboratory drug test prices at a Drug Testing Clinic

The cost of one individual booking a saliva laboratory drug test at a clinic is £180. For workplace drug testing, depending on the options chosen, the cost of commercial testing for multiple employees on the same booking can be as little as £72 per person. At selected clinics, this price also includes a breath alcohol test.

If required, a medical review can be undertaken to confirm positive saliva laboratory results. For example, this can be used to confirm that the positive result is consistent with any declared medication, and in line with a therapeutic use. This would incur an additional cost of £120 per person.

Saliva laboratory drug test prices using the mobile collection service

Costs for a collection officer to attend your location or business premises cost slightly more than at a Drug Testing Clinic. Additional costs are from just £20 based on your location and availability in your area. The saliva laboratory method is a popular drug test in safety critical workplaces. We can provide a bespoke quotation based on your specific requirements, with competitive discounts available when multiple employees are tested.

Drug Testing Clinics

What's included in the saliva laboratory drug test price?

Our price includes

  • Full support from a dedicated case manager.
  • Sample collection for 1 or more individuals.
  • Appointment coordination.
  • Collection of legal identification.
  • All materials and drug screening equipment.
  • Laboratory analysis including confirmation testing.
  • Provision of saliva laboratory drug test reports.

Local drug testing clinics, and mobile locations throughout the UK

For your convenience, we have a network of drug testing clinics throughout the UK. As a result, we can provide drug and alcohol test appointments for you in your local area. Or we can arrange for a certified sample collection officer to visit your home, workplace, or other location.