Experts in Drug Testing

Since 2010, Drug Testing Clinics have provided Accredited testing services. We specialise in these services specifically for the workplace and individuals. With a vast range of tests and locations in the UK, we can provide a testing solution that is tailor made for you.

The drug testing service is part of Crystal Health Group. As a result, we have access to other occupational health services such as Workplace Medicals. We perform thousands of tests throughout the UK and Ireland each year. This includes random testing in the workplace and private tests for individuals.

We show our commitment to providing quality services through annual ISO Certification. Also, all laboratory facilities hold the gold standard ISO 17025 Accreditation. This provides assurance that all processes are undertaken under strict chain of custody. Furthermore, our team of Clinical Advisors are all degree educated scientists. As a result, you can be confident of receiving the best possible advice when choosing your test. Our team will guide you through the process from initial enquiry to reporting of your test results.

Drug Testing Options

An extensive range of services are available. These include:

  • Urine and Hair laboratory testing. This is a popular test for individuals looking to prove abstinence. Also, they are a good option for pre-employment purposes.
  • Point of Care urine and oral fluid testing. An option for workplace drug testing. This can also include alcohol analysis using a breathalyser.
  • Network Rail drug and alcohol testing. We are RISQS approved by audit. As a result, we are an approved provider to Network Rail and subcontractors.
  • Occupational Health Services. Safety Critical Workplace Medicals are available throughout the UK.

Whatever you requirements, our team will talk you through the advantages of each test. As a result, ensuring you choose the best option available for your circumstances.

Drug and Alcohol Tests

Oral fluid drug test

This is a laboratory screen and confirmation test. It is ideal for the workplace. It has a shorter detection window than urine analysis. Also, other benefits include reduced sample collection time and less set-up facilities.


Urine lab screen and confirmation drug test

Urinalysis is still the most popular method of testing for drugs of abuse. This particular test is a full laboratory screen with confirmation. It has a longer detection window than oral fluid. As a result, it is ideal for a variety of purposes in the workplace and for private testing.


Hair drug test

This is the test of choice for proving abstinence in court for a variety of legal purposes. It provides a historical timeline for drug use. Also, is is used in the workplace for employees in high profile positions.


Workplace medicals

We provide the most popular workplace medicals, such as Safety Critical CBH and Rail PTS. We have Medical Centres located throughout the UK. Appointments are available for your staff for workplace medicals at all centres.


Urine instant point of care drug test

Popular in the workplace, the point of care screen has some advantages. This includes obtaining an instant result at sample collection. But, we always recommend laboratory confirmation for non-negative screens. As a result, the lab confirmation will enable you to take appropriate action. Point of care screening is an option for random testing in the workplace.


Hair alcohol test

Like the hair drug test, hair alcohol testing provides a timeline of alcohol use. As a result, this analysis is the choice of courts when providing evidence of abstinence.


Blood alcohol test

Blood alcohol testing can be undertaken in conjunction with the hair alcohol test. This provides a more detailed analysis of any chronic use. On occasion, a court may ask for this to depending on the nature of the allegation.


Breath alcohol test

This method of alcohol testing is available with drug testing in the workplace. It is best policy practice to perform breath alcohol analysis when performing a drug test. All breathalysers are Home Office approved for Network Rail testing.


Reasons for Testing