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16 Oct 2023

RISQS accreditation for Network Rail drug testing and PTS medical assessments

The Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) is the certifying body for any buyers or suppliers working throughout the Rail Industry in the UK. Crystal Health group is an approved RISQS supplier of drug and alcohol testing, and Personal Track Safety (PTS) medical assessments.

Occupational medical medium

How did we do in the 2023 RISQS audit?

To attain RISQS accreditation, we must demonstrate competence to Network Rail standards and procedures, specific to providing drug and alcohol testing and medical assessments. We achieve this through annual external audit, performed by an official RISQS auditor. We have achieved another pass for 2023, with positive praise awarded for how we monitor and measure the performance of subcontractors and internal processes.

Furthermore, another successful audit outcome for our ISO certification just before the RISQS audit, means that most of the evidence required for demonstrating competence is ready and in place. So, in August 2023, we achieved audit passes for ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 14001 (Environment) management systems. In addition, there were zero non-conformance for all three standards, something we are very proud of.

As a result, when the time for RISQS audit came along in September 2023, we were confident that everything was in place to demonstrate competence. However, there was one big update this year for Network Rail drug and alcohol testing that was a bit of an unknown, the introduction of point of care urine drug screening. Introduced in April 2023, there have been several changes to the standards, including the drug panel and cut-off levels. Regardless of this though, there was nothing to be worried about, and all our procedures and devices comply with the latest standards.

So, another successful audit season for the company and we look forward to providing many Network Rail drug and alcohol tests and PTS medicals over the coming year.