Workplace Medicals

Why is a Workplace Medical important?

Performing Workplace Medicals for relevant employees ensures that you are in compliance with health and safety standards. For instance, they are crucial for those performing safety critical tasks in high-risk areas. Furthermore, they are a mandatory requirement in industries such as utilities, construction and rail. As such, for the rail industry, we provide Network Rail Medical Assessments under the RISQS Scheme. As a result, these comply with the Competence Specific Medical Fitness Requirements.

In addition, another benefit of undertaking Medical Assessments is the health of employees. They ensure that the workforce is of a fit and healthy standard. As a result, this can reduce the risk of a work-related illness or injury, and increases productivity.

In summary, the following assessments may be performed at your medical. However, this does depend on the type of Medical Assessment chosen.

  • Vision, Colour Vision, Hearing, General Health, Blood Pressure, Protein and Glucose, Diabetes, Balance and Mobility, Height and Weight, BMI, Respiratory and Chester Step – Working at height and Wind Turbine.

Furthermore, all administration including the Medical results, is in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001.


When would you have a Workplace Medical?

Medical Assessments are mandatory in many industries. Critically, the safety of each employee and those around them is of foremost importance. Pre-employment medicals ensure that new employees are suitable for the job role. Also, to maintain safety standards, periodic medicals are an ideal solution.

As such, we offer a full range of pre-placement and periodic medicals. This includes industry specific medicals at our national medical centres. In summary, medicals will often contain some of the following tests:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing, all types
  • Audiometric Testing (hearing)
  • Lung Function Assessment (Spirometry)
  • HAVs (Hand Arm Vibration)
  • Vision Testing
  • Blood Testing & Urinalysis
  • Cardiovascular & Respiratory Fitness
  • Balance, Mobility & Co-ordination
  • Occupational Hygiene (Environmental Monitoring including noise, dust, vibration)
  • In addition, a range of other assessments such as, Working at Height, Confined Spaces, Cold Store, Crane Operator, Skin, etc.


As mentioned, there are industry specific Workplace Medicals. The following information provides a summary on some of the most popular types.

Rail and Underground

Our services are fully compliant with Competence Specific Medical Fitness Requirements. These are approved under the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme. We provide a full-range of specialist rail medicals including:

Competence Specific Medical Fitness medicals e.g. PTS, COSS, IWA and Signallers and Cross Keepers etc. Train Driver and Train Movement, pre-placement and periodic medicals.

Finally, all certification is produced promptly and uploaded onto the Sentinel website or emailed to you.

London Underground

London Underground operates a continual programme of medical assessment and training. This is part of its ongoing commitment to the highest standards of safety.

Staff who have critical duties on or about the track must not suffer from any condition or disability. This includes taking a treatment which may affect their own safety or that of others.

We can conduct the following medicals:

Protection Master | Basic Track Awareness | Depot Track Awareness | LU Individual Working Alone | LU Protecting Workers on the Track

Also, the LUL medical can be taken in conjunction with any other rail specific medical for one reduced price. This could save you time and money.

Construction – Constructing Better Health (CBH)

CBH is a non-profit membership scheme. This is dedicated to help the Construction Industry achieve a fit and healthy workforce.

Contractors who work within the standards gain real benefits. Not only from a reduction in days lost due to work related illness but also from their reputation as a good employer.

We provide entire health solutions for the Fitness for Task Standards, services include:

  • Medical for Safety critical workers
  • Pre placement questionnaire
  • General health/lifestyle assessment
  • Health Checks, Health Surveillance and Health Promotion Programmes
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work

How much does the Workplace Medical cost?

The cost of your Medical Assessment is dependent on your requirements. Each workplace has a different standard to adhere to. For example, this could include Working at Height or Train Driver Medicals. The cost of your Workplace Medical Assessment reflects this.

For Workplace Medical costs, please request a commercial quotation or call 0800 988 7107.

How can you book a Workplace Medical?

Appointments are available at Nationwide Medical Centres throughout the UK.

Our Clinical Advisors will determine the nearest centre to you and guide you through the booking. This includes any technical questions you may have.

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