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5 Apr 2023

Benefits of oral fluid drug testing

In this article we discuss the advantages of using oral fluid analysis for random workplace drug testing.

Saliva laboratory drug testing

Oral fluid drug testing - an accredited method

For many years, urinalysis has been the standard for workplace drug testing. However, oral fluid drug testing is also an accredited method with approval from the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS).

Oral fluid drug testing has several advantages over urinalysis when used for random testing.

Shorter drug detection window

Oral fluid has a shorter detection window for drugs than urinalysis. Drugs will be detected for an average of *24 hours in oral fluid, but will remain detectable in urine for up to *3 days. *Dependant on several factors including drug type and metabolism.

Less invasive drug testing

Providing a urine sample can be an unpleasant and sometimes invasive experience, especially for female staff. Oral fluid collection significantly decreases the level of discomfort associated with sample collection.

More secure, less disruptive drug testing

Oral fluid is collected in front of the collection officer, making adulteration of the sample impossible. The time taken to perform collections is significantly decreased and the sample can be collected anywhere - no on-site toilet facility is required.

Employee rights

As an employer, you can maintain that you are not trying to assess or make judgements on the life choices made by employees, while they are not in work. With its short detection window, a positive drug test using oral fluid is likely to indicate very recent drug use. This could impact work performance and compromise health and safety in the workplace.

Making the switch

If you are thinking about switching from urine to oral fluid for random drug testing, then please get in touch. Our Clinical Advisors will be happy to talk you through the detail, and make and recommendations based on your specific requirements.