Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing is an effective method of maintaining Health & Safety standards for organisations and their workforce.

Any effective strategy for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing must include an approved Drug and Alcohol Policy and the implementation of an accompanying drug and alcohol testing programme.

The testing programme must reflect the procedures set-out in the policy. The policy itself must comply with current employment law and all employees must be fully aware and understand how the policy works in relation to their own employment contract.

The Drug and Alcohol policy does not need to be a complicated document. In fact, Crystal Health recommend that it is developed in a simple and clear way to reflect the organisations industry sector and ways of working.

Depending on your requirements, we can support you in the development or review of your drug and alcohol policy in a variety of ways. Further detail can be found in the section below Drug & Alcohol Policy Development & Implementation.

Our team of workplace drug and alcohol testing specialists can discuss the options available to you. Once we have a clear idea of your requirements, a bespoke commercial quotation will be generated for your consideration.

Crystal Health workplace drug and alcohol testing includes a variety of sample types to cater for the type of testing and circumstances in which it is required.

The types of testing offered for drug and alcohol testing is as follows:

The circumstances in which workplace drug and alcohol testing is required can be:

  • Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing (announced and unannounced)
  • Periodic Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Follow-up Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Immediate Response (For Cause and post incident) Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Industry Specific Drug and Alcohol Testing

Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing can play an important part in any organisations recruitment process. Crystal Health work with recruitment agencies and directly with employers to ensure drug and alcohol tests are performed on individuals in accordance with recruitment requirements.

Standardly, Urine Laboratory Screening and Confirmation testing is the preferred choice of agencies and employers. However, for more senior positions or sensitive roles in Government, Hair testing is undertaken to determine if historical drug and/or alcohol use has taken place.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

In conjunction with a compliant and robust drug and alcohol policy, Random Drug and Alcohol Testing is the most effective deterrent to drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

There are a number of options available in terms of testing and sample types. Standardly, the following drug and alcohol tests are performed for Crystal Health clients for random testing programmes:

  • Urine Instant Point of Care Drug Testing (Alcohol Saliva screen available as an option)
  • Urine Laboratory Screen and Confirmation Drug Testing (Alcohol Urine screen available as an option)
  • Oral Fluid Drug Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing (Can be used in conjunction with any of the above)

Each of the above tests have advantages and factors that must be considered before deciding on the best fit for your business. Detailed information regarding each drug and alcohol test can be found under Types of Tests.

Periodic Drug and Alcohol Testing

Similar to Random Drug and Alcohol testing, the difference being that periodic testing tends to be for more safety critical industries. For example, conditions of a sub-contract might be to undergo periodic testing every 3 months to ensure conditions of the main contract are met. Other examples of Periodic Drug and Alcohol testing are for off-shore workers, contractors working overseas or individuals working for overseas companies in the UK.

Follow-up Drug and Alcohol Testing

This is recommended when supporting an employee who has drug and/or alcohol issues and is going through a rehabilitation programme to get back to work.
More details with regards to providing support to employees with difficulties can be found below.

Immediate Response (For Cause and post incident) Drug and Alcohol Testing

As part of the development and implementation of your drug and alcohol policy, Crystal Health will work with you to ensure a robust set of procedures is in place for Immediate Response drug and alcohol testing. There are a number of circumstances that fall under the requirements for Immediate Response Testing, including ‘For Cause’ and Post Incident. Each circumstance is different and must be labelled and categorised correctly. This is important, to ensure that the correct procedures are followed in terms of chain of custody documentation and sample type.

We have a set of robust templates that have been used for a number of Crystal Health clients to develop the required procedures that detail the following:

  • Procedural guidance for trained personnel
  • Interview forms
  • Reference documents detailing response times and testing types

Who are our Clients?

The company provides a variety of Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing services, to a diverse range of organisations from small to large throughout the UK and overseas.
This is not just limited to the industries normally associated with safety critical roles either.
We are seeing more and more service based companies undertaking drug and alcohol testing for their employees, for insurance and accreditation purposes.
There are several levels of Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing services Crystal Health provide, these are:

  • Fixed term contract (Includes drug and alcohol policy support)
  • Service Level Agreements (Can Include drug and alcohol policy support)
  • Order Confirmation (One-off testing requirements)
  • Private individuals (Pre-employment testing)

Crystal Health service several major contracts for organisations in the following sectors:

  • Leisure
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Construction & Housing
  • Government
  • Security

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are in place for organisations that require regular testing, but not necessarily the formal requirements associated with a fixed term contract.

These clients tend to be major sub-contractors in industries such as Energy, Waste, Utilities, Warehousing, Transport and Manufacturing. Additionally, SLA’s are also useful for on-going testing requirements for overseas companies, especially from the USA. Crystal Health provide testing for individual contractors who are based abroad or in the UK who require a specific type of drug and alcohol test. The SLA is the perfect document to record all of the essential information required to perform repeat drug and alcohol testing.

We perform thousands of one-off drug and alcohol tests per year.

A simple order confirmation is required to proceed with the testing process.

This type of service is perfect for organisations that require drug and alcohol testing for their employees to satisfy a contract or audit requirement in order to secure business.

Finally, private individuals undertake drug and alcohol testing with Crystal Health for pre-employment purposes.

This is similar for the reason above, with the exception that the employer has given the responsibility to the prospective candidate to arrange and obtain a suitable drug and alcohol test result prior to commencing their employment.

How can Crystal Health support your Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing?

There are many advantages for choosing Crystal Health to support you with your Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing requirements.

Firstly, we voluntarily maintain ISO certification in 3 Management Systems: – Quality, Information Security and Environment. This is acknowledged as the gold standard and best practice within our industry.

Secondly, we comply with European Workplace Drug Testing Guidelines (EWDTS).

Finally, our many years of experience within this sector means that we have developed chain of custody and administration procedures that are regarded as best practice. We will work with you to continually improve the drug testing process to ensure:

  • Minimum disruption
  • Compliance
  • Confidence in the Test Results

In combination, the above factors and working closely with our clients, we can effectively reduce the risks associated with drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

This has the effect of reducing the number of positive drug and alcohol test results reported, improving productivity in the workplace and many other ancillary benefits.

Crystal Health can also produce an annual report detailing the following:

  • Statistics associated with the testing programme
  • Trend analysis
  • Recommendations for improvements based on the report findings
Click here to view an example of an Annual Commercial Drug Test Report>>>

Whatever the size of your organisation, or however small or large your requirements may be, Crystal Health can tailor a service that is just right for you. The following list of benefits are available when deciding on the level of support you require:

  • Single or multiple test donors can be tested
  • On-site and off-site drug and alcohol testing options available
  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing specialists will manage your account
  • One-off testing available
  • Service Level Agreements available for ongoing testing requirements
  • Complete development and implementation packages available for all types and size of organisations. This includes policy and procedural development with full training to Management and employees
  • Access to on-line Client Portal is available to track process and download results
  • Annual reporting available
  • Comprehensive suite of testing types available to suit your requirements
  • Medical Review service available for positive drug tests
  • Medical Assessments available in combination with drug and alcohol tests
  • UKAS 17025 laboratory facilities
  • All sample collection and administration processes compliant with ISO Management Systems

Drug & Alcohol Policy Development & Implementation

Organisations – large or small, private or public sector – can expect to have to tackle problems relating to drug and alcohol misuse among employees at some time.

It has been estimated that problems caused by drug and alcohol misuse cost UK industry £800 million per year.
Problems caused by drug and alcohol misuse disrupt business continuity and can cause financial instability in business, with more severe consequences to employees health, safety and welfare.

All organisations have a duty of care to their employees. Drug and alcohol misuse can not only destroy the individual concerned, but can also have an extremely detrimental effect on the wider workforce, clients and customers and the organisation’s performance.

Organisations must be aware of the potential problems and be confident that they have the background knowledge and robust policies in place to deal with individual cases.
The objective should be to drive drugs and alcohol out of the organisation, not the people.

Implementation of a robust drug and alcohol testing programme is key, but it is also crucial to have a compliant policy in place to underpin this process.

Crystal Health have unrivalled knowledge and experience in many industry sectors, so whether you need to create a new testing programme or simply improve an existing one, we will have a solution to your needs.

Our experts have more than 15 years’ experience and can provide Union consultation, policy evaluation with bespoke development and robust, workable documentation as standard.

Crystal Health also offer a range of training packages, from basic staff awareness sessions to full bespoke management workshops.

These tailored sessions are a key factor to ensure successful deployment and implementation of a drug and alcohol policy within an organisation.

Next Steps?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on which option is right for you or your organisation.
We would recommend calling Crystal Health on 0800 988 7107 to speak to one of our specialists who will guide you through the process and answer any technical questions you may have.
Alternatively, request a commercial drug and alcohol testing quote and a specialist will respond to your enquiry within 1 working day.

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