Drug Testing for High Profile Individuals and Celebrities

All of our Drug Testing services are certified to ISO27001:2015 Information Security Management Systems. As a result of this specialised accreditation, Crystal Health Group can perform drug tests for high profile individuals, celebrities and organisations in the strictest of confidence and discretion is assured.

We offer a number of drug testing options to choose from in terms of sample type and collection methods. A combination of these options allow you to choose the most appropriate drug test for your circumstance, whilst the sample collection options provide assurance that your drug test will be performed in a discreet, professional and fully compliant manner.

Due to the profile of the individual or organisation, you will normally be assigned a management level advisor for your case. This ensures that communication is kept to a minimum number of people. It also means that you will be getting the best advice when it comes to guiding you through the drug testing process.

If required, Crystal Health Group can coordinate all testing requirements through an appointed third party – for which we will obtain official third party consent. Whether it’s your solicitor or personal assistant/agent, the communication and support will comply with ISO27001:2015 standards

The drug testing options available

Whilst we cannot provide specific details about previous cases, we can give examples of the testing programmes chosen.

Whilst we are unable to provide information regarding previous test cases performed for clients in the past, we can give examples of the type of drug testing and sample collection options individuals and organisations have chosen in the past.

  • Hair drug and Hair alcohol testing to prove abstinence over a medium to long term time period (months).
  • Urine Laboratory Screen and Confirmation Drug and Alcohol Test to prove abstinence over a short time period (days). In addition, multiple appointments can be scheduled, to monitor abstinence over a selected period of time. These appointments can be unannounced if necessary.
  • Appointments can be arranged either at one of our Nationwide Clinics or alternatively you may prefer for a Mobile Collection Officer to attend an address of your choice.
  • Appointments can be made to collect samples from our network of certified clinics around the UK.
  • A certified sample collection officer can attend your home or chosen location to collect the required samples.

A recent case involved a sample collection officer attending a client’s home address, to collect hair samples to analyse for a possible spiking incident.

Another included the collection of urine samples over a number of weeks, for laboratory testing to prove abstinence from cocaine.

We have also undertaken private testing for peace of mind purposes, in response to allegations made against professional sports individuals.

Call us today on 0800 988 7107 if you require advice on any situation where discretion and confidentiality are a must.

A senior advisor will provide all the support and assistance you will need to make the correct decision for your circumstances.

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